Editors’ Letter: Gratitude and Giving by The Tim Barber Ltd. Team

We recently celebrated 24 years in business. Looking back, one sentiment perfectly defines our experience: gratitude. We’ve been blessed to collaborate with inspiring clients, consultants, contractors, artisans, and designers, many of whom we also call our “friends”; to practice our art in many of the world’s most beautiful communities; and to see our designs fully realized as beloved forever homes.

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Post Pelotonia 2017 by Tim Barber

I enjoyed my ride with Pelotonia even more than last year! I was in better shape this time, the weather was cooler and the crowds were bigger. I went as Waldo again...silly, but why not?   

The opening ceremony featured former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. They talked about the Biden Cancer Initiative whose mission is the advancement of cancer research, connecting patients and doctors, and the development of successful therapies for specific types of cancer. I was wowed by their passion to end cancer.     

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Pedaling with Pelotonia by Tim Barber

My ride with Pelotonia on Saturday went well. The weather was mid-west perfect, the Ohio countryside was all rolling hills and cornfields—with some good 19th century architecture along the way. With almost 8,000 riders, we raised a lot of money. I’ll know the total soon.

The ride was hard, but not as hard as watching someone suffer from cancer. I thought of my mom often as I rode. I met many other men, women (and children) who had survived cancer, who are in the middle of helping a loved one – or are grieving a loss.

I resurrected last year's Halloween costume, and made a few people laugh. This is a pic with me and Joel and Joel's sister, Mary. For more photos, go to and search for Pelotonia pictures.

Thank you all for your generous support. For those of you who missed it and feel inspired to give, there is still time. Go to My Peloton name is Tim Barber. My fundraising ID is: TB0195    

Tim Barber Rides with to Raise Money for Cancer Research by Tim Barber

Each of our lives has been touched by cancer. My mom died of it before she was 50. Now, years later, when I read about science and technology I immediately look for the cancer research, always wondering “what if…?”

This August I am raising research funds by biking with Pelotonia in Columbus Ohio, about an hour from my hometown. 100% of rider raised money goes directly to cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

I ask you to support me by making a donation by logging onto My Peloton name is Tim Barber. My fundraising ID is: TB0195

Better than that, I encourage you to join me and raise funds on your own two wheels. By sharing this message with our friends we can raise awareness as well as funds.