What's an "Interior Architecture Designer"?: an Interview with Interior Architecture Designer Patrick Tennant by Katelyn Remington-Arata

Tim Barber Ltd. is a residential architecture studio and has been for the past 24 years. Nevertheless, prospective clients occasionally call to inquire whether we can give their home a “face lift”, ranging from picking out wall colors and papers to sourcing furnishings and decor.

Technically, we can do that, and up until 2012 (when we pared down both our name and operations from Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture & Interior Design to Tim Barber Ltd. Architecture) we occasionally did do interiors-only projects; however, nowadays, we typically don’t.

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3 Home Design Essentials for California Living by Katelyn Remington-Arata

When I (Katelyn, TBL’s media manager) first moved from Connecticut to California in late summer 2017, I had many preconceived and woefully inaccurate notions about life in my adoptive state. Among my greatest misconceptions was that "California Style" was interchangeable with "ultra-modern" and  "futuristic" design.  Update: it's not. 

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A Retro 1930s Kitchen Renovation by Tim Barber

The old kitchen was small, oddly shaped, and lacked natural light (and a dishwasher) — in other words, not a fun place for a family of four. We created an efficient space that feels spatially modern while keeping in sync with the history of the house. Fortunately, our clients are artistic and trusting, a perfect combination for a design endeavor.

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