California Living with Tim Barber by Katelyn Remington-Arata

“I have no interest in being a one-man band,” confesses Tim Barber, the principal and namesake of our Los Angeles-based architecture firm, Tim Barber Ltd.  While having his name literally emblazoned on the door seems contradictory to his claim, the humming atmosphere of his studio confirms that he walks the talk.  Just outside the office where we sit, a 20-member team of architects and designers work smoothly together to help design or even helm their own projects. 

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3 Home Design Essentials for California Living by Katelyn Remington-Arata

When I (Katelyn, TBL’s media manager) first moved from Connecticut to California in late summer 2017, I had many preconceived and woefully inaccurate notions about life in my adoptive state. Among my greatest misconceptions was that "California Style" was interchangeable with "ultra-modern" and  "futuristic" design.  Update: it's not. 

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ICAA Intensive at Greystone Mansion by Tim Barber

This week, the Southern California Chapter of the ICAA is conducting the first-ever ICAA Intensive outside New York City, at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills (designed for the Doheny family in 1927 by Gordon B. Kaufmann).

The intensive is an eight-day course of study that introduces participants to the ICAA’s core curriculum through coursework in the classical orders, composition, proportion, drafting, observational drawing, and the literature of classical architecture. 

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