Green Design & Architecture: What it Means for Tim Barber Ltd. by Tim Barber

I spent a weekend in Sequoia National Park recently, experiencing a broad spectrum of weather in 48 hours. The first day transitioned from hiking in deep snow to dry sunshine, followed by an afternoon hailstorm. The second day we hiked in dense fog. The majestic wildness affected me deeply. 

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California Living with Tim Barber by The Tim Barber Ltd. Team

“I have no interest in being a one-man band,” confesses Tim Barber, the principal and namesake of our Los Angeles-based architecture firm, Tim Barber Ltd.  While having his name literally emblazoned on the door seems contradictory to his claim, the humming atmosphere of his studio confirms that he walks the talk.  Just outside the office where we sit, a 20-member team of architects and designers work smoothly together to help design or even helm their own projects. 

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TED Talks: Architecture That Heals by Tim Barber

At TBL, we believe we should always be learning and growing. Last year we worked on a landmarked building, designed a Pasadena condominium and an underground basketball court in a Beverly Hills home. In 2017, we are expanding our skill set to include a working farm. In our research, we often learn of other intrepid architects exploring their passions. Many of these architects have spoken about their work in the Technology Engineering and Design (TED) forums. We’ve collected our favorite TED Talks and will share them with you in 2017. We invite you to come learn with us.

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