Designing for Kids


Kids are often our toughest clients.  

We love collaborating with our pint-sized clients. Some of our most inventive architecture is a result of working closely with kids. Surprisingly, they often know exactly what they want in a bedroom or play space.  When it comes to the spaces we design for kids, we let our imaginations run wild. If they can dream it, we can build it.  

secret nooks

Even kids need to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy house.  We’ve created playroom lofts only accessible by a secret ladder and bookcases that open to reveal hidden tunnels. We are all about secret play spaces and quiet places where kids can steal away and dream.


The playroom is Kid Central in many of our homes. The ultimate destination for crafts, coloring and carrying on. We plan our playrooms with space to spread out, tons of storage and durable, kid-friendly materials.

toy storage

Storage is key and finding ways to make clean up time quick and fun is the assignment.  Cubbies, pull-outs, custom closets, clever cabinets and built-in desks keep toys tidy and clothes organized.

Kid-centric Design

Designing spaces with the creative freedom to meet parents’ needs and exceed kids’ dreams