respecting the history of a home doesn't mean freezing it in time.

Historic houses deserve this distinction because they have stood the test of time. The best were thoughtfully designed and built from quality materials by expert craftsman.  The challenge of a historic renovation lies in respecting the character and pedigree of the home while integrating modern technology and conveniences with sensitivity. This feat requires expert problem-solving skills and years of experience designing and building with a variety of materials and vernacular styles - plus a deep appreciation of history.

Wolf's lair

A French Normandy castle in the Hollywood Hills undergoes a transformation to regain its original 1926 look, while honoring its 1960s addition. 


Jonathan Club

With the help of archived photos, a 1920s natatorium in Downtown Los Angeles is renovated making it as appealing as it was nearly a century ago.



The historic renovation of this 1930s Spanish Colonial Revival home revived period details like the original painted tile, woodwork, and flooring.