if you're unfamiliar with the design and building process, You are not alone.

  But never fear! For most of us, this is the first, and possibly only, major home project we will undertake. It requires some of the most permanent, expensive, life-altering decisions we will make. At TBL, we don’t expect you to know how long it will take, what it will cost and what decisions you will need to make along the way. As your architect, we are the “conductors” of your home project. We shepherd you through the process - from wish list to punch list.  We conceived of this page to give you an overview of our approach to a typical project. We hope it helps to take some of the mystery out of this process.

Phase 1: Pre-Design (PD)*

  • Establish your project’s scope and budget

  • Obtain as-built measurements, a site survey, and/or a soils report

  • Perform city agency research

  • Conduct an uptake meeting

  • Build your team

Phase 2: Schematic Design (SD)

  • Review concept imagery

  • Sketch floor plans, exterior elevations, and the site plan

  • Perform sun studies

  • Check your budget

Phase 3: Design Development (DD)

  • Explore interior spaces

  • Further develop floor plans and elevations

  • Design doors and windows

  • Create a model*

  • Check your budget

Phase 4: Construction Documents (CDs)

  • Apply for a building permit

  • Design interior surfaces

  • Design built-ins and cabinets

  • Select appliances, plumbing, and hardware

  • Design stone and tile layouts

  • Render select rooms*

  • Check your budget

Phase 5: Contract Negotiation (CN)

  • Select contractors to bid

  • Compare bids

  • Conduct contractor interviews

  • Receive permit approval

  • Choose contractor

Phase 6: Construction Administration (CA)*

  • Observe construction

  • Review contractor invoices

  • Troubleshoot issues

  • Review final punch list


* Optional, supplementary services to our basic architectural services.