our work is a testament to our process

A portfolio illustrates the end result of the design process; architecture that is completely personal and totally unique.  What is harder to convey in a photograph is the path taken to achieve that finished product–the journey to a shared vision, the challenges faced and the myriad of decisions made along the way. We are as dedicated to the process as we are to its outcome.

custom residences

Designing a new custom home is a very personal process. It calls for imagination, patience a collective vision, and a thorough understanding of those who will call it home.



Expanding and remodeling breathes new life into homes, allowing houses to adapt to changing lifestyles. In every home, we create an integrated, harmonious marriage of old and new.



Historic structures require thoughtful consideration and creative design strategy to incorporate modern conveniences while respecting the craftsmanship and integrity of the original design.


Retreats & Vacation Homes

Collaborating with clients to create serene retreats for enjoying sand, sun, snow and sea.


Commercial Projects

While we are best known for our residential architecture, at times, we are asked take on a creative commercial project.  We have designed offices, bars, restaurants and a cafe, a rooftop pavilion cigar lounge and even a barber shop. One commercial and historic project called for the restoration and renovation of the natatorium of one of the oldest private clubs in Los Angeles. We are eager to take commissions which make use of our strengths while expanding our design skill set.